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Positive Body Questions

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It’s been a really long time since I have posted. Probably over a year.
It is pleasant and surprising to see that people still visit my blog regularly. In fact, in the last year, there has only been a couple of days where I have had no visits.
So if you have come onto The Hanging Sun in the last year, thank you so much 🙂

I’ve been quite unwell today which means that I’ve been stuck doing sweet eff ay.

I started to think about body image and the way females view themselves. Earlier today I saw photos of a woman who posted some revealing photos of herself on Instagram. Usually this annoys me but her photos were so beautiful and not the least bit sleazy or attention seeking.

It made me think, this woman baring her breasts shows no shame and seems happy with her cup size. Though she is probably statistically an average size cup, most people would suggest she is “small breasted”. And I admire her and other women with “smaller” chests.

If I admire other women for this, why can’t I admire myself for this same quality? Why is it that I look at other women who don’t have their boobs under their chins and think negatively like I think about my breasts and breast size? While I am statistically an average size C-D why is it that I still feel so shitty about them?

I was watching a show this afternoon with did a survey of women in the streets of Australia. Most women interviewed couldn’t think of a positive quality of themselves.

So I decided to ask Facebook and Instagram. If you are a female, what do you like about your body or what part of your body do you see in a positive light?

So far I’ve had some interesting answers, mostly feet and curves related, and breasts. I will try post the rest of the lil survey later in the week.


Tossed it in the Trash

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I don’t know who started all the banter about Leisel Jones‘ weight but I do know that they have unfairly scrutinized her. Photos of the swimmer’s current physique have prompted questions regarding her ability to bring home gold for Australia in the London Olympics.

Regardless of her talent she isn’t over weight and I suggest she is still in peak condition. In fact, she only weighs 68kgs, less than other female competitors and so too her female team mates. Most of the Australian female swimmers weigh between 65-70kgs. So she is really at an average weight for a female swimmer. Do note that being a breaststroker she needs to have power in her legs and hips; why she might have bigger legs than other female swimmers.

There isn’t anything wrong with her physique, she is an athlete and a fairly successful one! We should treat all our athletes with respect rather than suggest that they are “fat” or that they have put on too much weight. It’s such an Un-Australian thing to do, especially right before the Olympics (the “unflattering” photos were taken during training in London last week).

On Google after the most popular search item for her name is the keywords “Leisel Jones Hot”. And well, she is hot. More Googler’s seem to think that she’s hot than those calling her “over weight”.

I don’t see anything wrong with this body!

The message that the Australian media is sending to women is horrendous. It is really staying “even if you are an Olympic gold medalist, you still aren’t good enough!”
Stop the ridicule, stop the insults. These women are healthy athletes not models who have starved themselves or been given a strict unhealthy diet. Or, as my Dad says, “get off the grass”!!!

The take away:
These are the types of women that all Australian’s should admire and be proud of. Good luck to all Australians competing in the Olympics over the following two weeks!