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We Are Our Own Masters

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I could be too much of a skeptic for my own good… Here’s a list of some of the things I don’t believe in.
– Gods, all of them
UFO’s of the alien kind
– Osama Bin Ladin being killed by US troops
– Ghosts
– Astrology
– Dowsing
– Levitation
– Séances
– Telepathy
– Clairvoyance
– Reincarnation
– Magic
– Santa
– Homeopathy
– Reiki
– Fung Shui
– Crystal Healing
– Rebirthing Breathe Work
– Curses
– Lunar Effect
– Nibiru cataclysm
– Channeling
– Crop Circles
Tutankhamun‘s curse
– Body earthing
– Faith healing
Therapeutic touch
Urine Therapy
– Miracles
– Weeping statues and paintings
– Angels
– Demons
– Poltergeists
– Souls
– Cryptids
– Haunted houses
– Premonitions
– Satanic/demonic possession
– Spirits
– Aliens in the popular form
– Voodoo dolls
– Prayers, chants, spells, blessings
– Manipulation of the elements
– Love in a metaphysical sense

Turtle Pace

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Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I’ve really lost my passion for blogging but I hope I can regain my motivation and get back into it. I’ve heard a few people telling me to hurry up and write so I figured I should get my A into G and write something.
Hope you all had a lovely Easter.

You may or may not like my post today but hopefully you may find it amusing or may be able to relate to what I am about to discuss.

Because I think most religions are silly (the beliefs not the people) I am going to list my top favorite arguments against Atheism!


1. Stalin and Hitler were Atheists!

This argument really annoys me! There is very little evidence to prove that Hitler was an atheist. He was rasied as a Roman Catholic and once stated that he would always be a Catholic. Futhermore Hitler actually refers to God creating the Arian race  and that he was doing the work of God in Mein Kampf. Although Hitler disliked Jewish people and wished for the world to be primarily Arian, the motivations behind genocide were due to his nationalism not his faith be it Christian or Atheist. While Stalin was a known Atheist his religious views were not motivation for his crimes. He did however use Atheism and Atheist propaganda to as means to construct a communist society. None the less what he did by using Atheism was wrong, no Athiest will deny that bu his religious views were not the root of Stalin’s evil. And besides, there are plenty of religious terrorists and criminals as have there been many morally sound Atheists.

2. Science does not answer everything/You can’t prove evolution

No science does not answer how the universe came to be nor what the “purpose” of “life” is. Science does not acknowledge that it knows everything, in fact, science is upfront in what is known and what is unknown. I agree with the Darwinian principle of there is not purpose to life in a metaphorical sense. Scientists from many fields are trying to solve those “gaps” in our knowledge of the universe and the current things that are “unexplainable”. Religion is all too quick to deduce that God can fill in all those gaps of knowledge or knowing. Just because scientists cannot explain it (at the moment) does not mean that God had a role in the creation of the world and all the living things. It has been proven that evolution has taken place in animals and in humans, even in dinosaurs. Genetics participate in a large role in evolution not to mention catching all those criminals who left DNA behind at a crimescene. Boring argument, go read a book. NEXT!

3. Morality doesn’t exist without God.

Shall I list all of the aid and humanitarian organisations that have no religious affiliation? Or should I list some non-believers who have changed society for the better? If I was looking for morality I would also not look to the bible where God advocates genocide, rape, incest and slavery.

4. You just need to believe or you need to have a personal experience.

I have believed in God in the past…. and then I was then shown that religion wasn’t for me, so I cannot say that I was not willing. I will not say that all people have hallucinated when having a Godly vison but I do believe that some people have had false visions; drug, illness and stress are all possible causes. “No amount of belief makes something a fact” – James Randi

5. Pascal’s Wager/Failsafe/”Better safe than sorry”

Blaise Pascal was a French philosopher who proposed that it would be better to live a faithful life and find out that there  is no God you loose nothing rather than living an Atheist life and being surprised when you are sent to Hell. He suggested that even if you didn’t really believe in God that living your life accordingly was better than finding out that you were wrong. Like they say “better be safe than sorry”. Thats fantastic but if I went to Hell I wouldn’t believe that I was actually there. Furthermore, how does going to a place called Hell give me evidence of God existing? While I may (I doubt) will have to accept my fate at the gates of Hell I would be pleased that I lived a life that I saw as truthfull and honest. I cannot deny how I feel and what I believe, why hide it?I feel that living honestly will always outweight the “shoulds” and the “ought to’s”.