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Tonight I’m Alive

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I had a rad weekend!
I caught up with some great friends and had some laughs!

Vigal from The Ghost Inside from Cali.
Terrible picture but hey thats what happens with an Iphone 3GS!

I met someone with possibly the best vocals on the hardcore scene and they were so genuinely friendly!!
I may have shed a tear during the last song, Engine 45, I’ve certainly been there.
Thank you for sticking out the tour in such devastating circumstances.
Sending my condolences to you and your family.

Btw, I really don’t like the Amity Affliction’s current cover art for the new album. I find it really disturbing and insensitive of them to use it as the cover. Is anyone else not impressed?

I’m moving house in 2 weeks, this makes me very sad 😦
Even though we are getting alpacas I am still very upset about moving.
In other news Sarah and I are starting burlesque classes!
Eat your heart out Dita, Sarah and I are coming after your empire!


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I got home early Sunday morning.
And am I glad to be home or what!
Long flights without food or sleep are really dangerous.
I can honestly say, apart from those times I have had gastro this is possibly one of the worst I’ve felt.
But I’m slowly adjusting to being home.
I spent a few days with James which was perfect and we went on a shopping spree!

Don’t let me leave you EVER again!

I Will Prevail

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Last night…
So good!

We all went to NEXT and saw The Ghost Inside.
I haven’t been to NEXT since I was 16, so it was still pretty refreshing to go back.
So many lovely faces and good friends.
Such good crowd participation.
Such a fantastic and amazing band!
Wow, they blew my socks off (I was actually wearing socks)!
Mark made a bit of a dick of himself during Lovers Grave but mostly I think everyone was just impressed and laughed.

I bought a jumper and a tshirt and I also bought $39 Van’s earlier that day!
Pretty awesome price if you ask me, 60% off!
I almost bought some Fred Perry shoes but I held myself back.
Next time I go to Prime I will make sure to buy some, I’ve only been waiting years.
And I also bought some shorts today…
Yeah I like to shop…

Mum and Dad have gone away so it’s party time.
Not really.
But seriously..

* Don’t come over, there is no party.

What’s Done Is Done

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Here is a few more snaps from Mel’s trip to Melbourne.

Athurs Seat


Eggs Benny


I’ve also decided that I really want a llama and a camel.

Goodnight Dear, Goodbye

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I haven’t blogged in quite a while mainly because not much has really been going on. Mel came and left over a month ago and this sudden realisation really is depressing. Not only one of the most colourfull but one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. She have a goregeous heart and she is honestly one of the most amazing people I know.

These are just a few snap shots from the BEST week of my life! I will upload some more when she finally gets around to putting them up.

Emma, Shannon and Mel.

Moro, Mel, Mario and Bada Bing

Erin, Mel and I.

Harley and Mel

Smoochy ;)

Swanston St


The Sex Shop

Blood Is Forever

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Last week Johnny and I went to see the Uninvited. It was a remake of a South Korean film called ‘The Tale Of The Two Sisters’ which was realease in 2003.

Anna Rydell (the very cute and surprisingly Australian actress, Emily Browning) returns home to her sister Alex after a stint in a mental hospital, though her recovery is jeopardized thanks to her cruel stepmother, aloof father, and the presence of a ghost in their home. Oh and she also hooks up with this hot guy whos back then breaks and he starts crawling towards her screaming ‘ANNA HELP ME!! HELP ME ANNA!’. That was certainly the most terrifying part.

It was pretty scary at some parts but mostly it had a great storyline and a good twist at the end. For someone who is terrified of horror films, go see this!!

That is all 🙂