We Are Our Own Masters

I could be too much of a skeptic for my own good… Here’s a list of some of the things I don’t believe in.
– Gods, all of them
UFO’s of the alien kind
– Osama Bin Ladin being killed by US troops
– Ghosts
– Astrology
– Dowsing
– Levitation
– Séances
– Telepathy
– Clairvoyance
– Reincarnation
– Magic
– Santa
– Homeopathy
– Reiki
– Fung Shui
– Crystal Healing
– Rebirthing Breathe Work
– Curses
– Lunar Effect
– Nibiru cataclysm
– Channeling
– Crop Circles
Tutankhamun‘s curse
– Body earthing
– Faith healing
Therapeutic touch
Urine Therapy
– Miracles
– Weeping statues and paintings
– Angels
– Demons
– Poltergeists
– Souls
– Cryptids
– Haunted houses
– Premonitions
– Satanic/demonic possession
– Spirits
– Aliens in the popular form
– Voodoo dolls
– Prayers, chants, spells, blessings
– Manipulation of the elements
– Love in a metaphysical sense


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