Tonight I’m Alive

I had a rad weekend!
I caught up with some great friends and had some laughs!

Vigal from The Ghost Inside from Cali.
Terrible picture but hey thats what happens with an Iphone 3GS!

I met someone with possibly the best vocals on the hardcore scene and they were so genuinely friendly!!
I may have shed a tear during the last song, Engine 45, I’ve certainly been there.
Thank you for sticking out the tour in such devastating circumstances.
Sending my condolences to you and your family.

Btw, I really don’t like the Amity Affliction’s current cover art for the new album. I find it really disturbing and insensitive of them to use it as the cover. Is anyone else not impressed?

I’m moving house in 2 weeks, this makes me very sad 😦
Even though we are getting alpacas I am still very upset about moving.
In other news Sarah and I are starting burlesque classes!
Eat your heart out Dita, Sarah and I are coming after your empire!


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