Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People… With Guns

I am all up for an open mind but some conspiracy theorists really piss me off!
Often I will state something or try to discuss an issue with them and they automatically say one of the following:
– “The government is only telling us what they want us to know!”
– “We can’t trust anything we are told. It is all lies!”
– “Nothing you read is ever fact because blah blah blah”
– “How do you know that that is the truth!?”



Or they do my favorite thing, they ignore what I have said or ignore the real issue of the matter and they tell you that the government is evil and out to remove the freedoms of it’s citizens!
Oh my! I am shaking in my boots!

I feel the need to rant because earlier today I got into a discussion with some gun toting American conspiracy theorists on Instagram.
I put forward the fact that America has such a high homicide rate because of relaxed gun laws.
Needless to say, they didn’t answer any of my questions and did nothing but piss me off.

I somewhat of feel sorry for them.
How can you live your entire life doubting everyone’s motives?
Surely you would drive yourself nuts never knowing the truth or questioning the government and media?!
How many times have you read 1984, or are you just convinced that you are bound to have so little freedom that life will become unbearable?
If so, why don’t you move countries?
Or better, why don’t you go live in a jungle where you don’t have to deal with society?

I understand that some governments and people are corrupt but I have to accept that I cannot possibly know everything nor possibly know the motives of the people who make the laws in my country.
I cannot possibly live my life undermining the government or questioning the motives of the policy makers.
While there may be some information that is kept from the public or that we are given false truths one must come to a point to accept them as fact.
This is for a few reasons:

  • I cannot ever live with peace or happiness without accepting or trying to accept that the government or the policy makers aren’t corrupt. I would be too paranoid to carry out daily activities and it takes too much energy to question every single piece of information that I come across. It has to stop somewhere. I have a life to get one with not question whether the Illuminati is real or that the government is trying to take my freedoms or silence me.
  • I cannot possibly graduate from uni without accepting what I read in my textbook and what I learn as fact. I would fail if I did otherwise. I would also fail if I wrote in my essay “well, nothing in this essay matters because the statistics are to be deemed false as I cannot determine the validity of the information”…
  • In Australia, I have a pretty good life. I am not hard done by. Australia has a great economy, we have a low homicide rate and restricted gun laws. Law and order usually serves the community well and we have less poverty than other countries. We also have little corruption.

I encourage questioning and being a skeptic but sometimes I think people can take it too far to the point where it becomes detrimental to their life.
It takes too much out of my day  to question the safety of my country and really doesn’t add to my healthy mind to question if Julia Gillard is really hoping to do more damage than good.
Or if she has a secret treaty with a terrorist organisation.

Just thought I’d mention how frustrating they can be when they trumpet their opinions from a high horse (I might be on my high horse too, but lets face it, this is my blog).


Back to the real debate.
America has a massive homicide rate due to relaxed gun laws.
In fact, America is placed 6th for the number of homicides each year behind Brazil, India, Russia, Mexico and South Africa.
On average 15,453 people are killed by murder in the USA every year.
A huge 9,451 people are killed by guns in homicides every year!
The argument for the possession of firearms is always “well if someone else pulls a gun, we can shoot them and defend ourselves!”
Well if everyone is going to defend themselves then why do 9,451 people not defend themselves each year, or why wasn’t someone defending them!?


The second argument for firearm possession is always “what about Switzerland!? They practically have a gun in every house and they have a small rate of gun crime!!!”
Well that is a good observation young lad but it isn’t a good argument for gun possession.
Switzerland requires men to complete national service as they do not have a formal army.
After their training they are given an assault rifle which they may take home.
With around 3,400,000 guns owed by civilians Switzerland only has about 30 deaths a year due to gun crimes.
Why is the rate so low when so many guns are available?
Since 2007 civilians have not been issued ammunition with their assault rifles.
Further more, they have restrictions on how the weapon is housed. It must be housed in a secure unit outside of the house.
It also is not permitted to be used in public.
Some people will be able to buy a permit which allows them to have ammunition in the house and carry a firearm in public.
The only people which are able to apply are those which work in security such as a guard at the airport.
There is only about 2000 people in Switzerland which currently have one of these licenses.


I guess I am lucky that I live in a country which has strict gun regulations and a relatively low murder rate.
I really see no need in civilian firearms unless for recreation purposes at a gun range.

  • You can’t defend yourself with guns 100% of the time, especially if that person has a quicker hand, more ammunition, a gun with better accuracy etc.
  • You can as easily get killed as you can kill with a gun so having a shoot out with another person with a gun isn’t a great option.
  • Finally, your own gun can easily be used against you just as much as you may take the life of a mother, a father or someone’s child.

They have never done anything for anyone other than cause more blood shed.


3 Responses to “Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People… With Guns”

  1. What a crock of shit.

  2. I agree with everything you said for the most part and I enjoyed reading what you wrote but you failed to mention one thing. What are the statistics on how many of the guns used in violent crimes are illegal owned vs legally owned? I do not have the answer for that question but I can surely google it. I would assume though that a lot of crimes are commited with illegally owned weapons.

    • I agree!
      As far as I know (I could be wrong) in Australia and most certainly in Switzerland the majority of killings by guns are illegally obtained guns via gangs or the black market. There are stats around which relate to that (legal vs illegal firearm violence), I have read them but I’m not sure what the figures are off the top of my head. Pretty sure most of the gun homicides in the US are legal guns though. I know quite a few Aussie’s who own guns (most shotguns) but they legally own them, then and again it’s not something you’d really shout about if you owned an illegal firearm!

      Thank you very much for taking the time to read my blog.

      Kind regards,

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