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Tossed it in the Trash

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I don’t know who started all the banter about Leisel Jones‘ weight but I do know that they have unfairly scrutinized her. Photos of the swimmer’s current physique have prompted questions regarding her ability to bring home gold for Australia in the London Olympics.

Regardless of her talent she isn’t over weight and I suggest she is still in peak condition. In fact, she only weighs 68kgs, less than other female competitors and so too her female team mates. Most of the Australian female swimmers weigh between 65-70kgs. So she is really at an average weight for a female swimmer. Do note that being a breaststroker she needs to have power in her legs and hips; why she might have bigger legs than other female swimmers.

There isn’t anything wrong with her physique, she is an athlete and a fairly successful one! We should treat all our athletes with respect rather than suggest that they are “fat” or that they have put on too much weight. It’s such an Un-Australian thing to do, especially right before the Olympics (the “unflattering” photos were taken during training in London last week).

On Google after the most popular search item for her name is the keywords “Leisel Jones Hot”. And well, she is hot. More Googler’s seem to think that she’s hot than those calling her “over weight”.

I don’t see anything wrong with this body!

The message that the Australian media is sending to women is horrendous. It is really staying “even if you are an Olympic gold medalist, you still aren’t good enough!”
Stop the ridicule, stop the insults. These women are healthy athletes not models who have starved themselves or been given a strict unhealthy diet. Or, as my Dad says, “get off the grass”!!!

The take away:
These are the types of women that all Australian’s should admire and be proud of. Good luck to all Australians competing in the Olympics over the following two weeks!

Fat Bottomed Girls

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I ought to be in bed but I thought I’d post this first.
Check you the link below.

I’m not sure why the video isn’t embedding and is giving me a hyperlink instead…

Anyway, check out the video regarding one woman’s thoughts on the Skinny vs Curvy debate. It’s just a nice lil pick-me-up!

Pin Up Passion- Skinny vs Curvy

At the end of the day, as long as a woman is healthy who cares what is better?! Large girls are beautiful and something to be admired. As long as she is healthy and not obese and eats a terribly fatty or high sodium diet that is all that matters. The same can be said for a skinny girl.

Women go to the gym to try and loose weight. At first they notice a few kilos coming off but then they begin to notice that they are putting on weight or aren’t loosing it as quickly as they did in the first few weeks. They work out harder but still find that their weight is not getting any lower. If you are one of these women I am sure you have wondered why you first loose weight and then the weight lose slows down or you start to put on weight.

Well… Your BMI and your scales are lying to you. Your scales and your BMI cannot tell you how healthy or unhealthy you are! You will put on muscle if you work out. Muscle weighs more than fat! So if you have noticed that your weight lose has plateaued or that you are putting on weight keep on keeping on at the gym! This is a good sign that your body is getting healthier.

Eating a lower fat diet and less salty or sugary foods also need to be taken into account when trying to become healthy. You don’t need to sacrifice everything, chocolate is okay but it is a sometimes food! Don’t feel guilty for having a piece of cake or a bowl of ice cream once in a while. You don’t need to starve yourself and you won’t go hungry. You don’t need a “diet”. You just need to eat fresh produce and less packaged foods. You don’t need to count calories or energy intake. Healthy food doesn’t have to be bland. Similarly, diet drinks and diet foods in tins and “lite and easy” bullshit will not help you. These foods are high in salt and fake sugars. Real sugar is better for you than fake sugar so don’t try fool yourself with a Coke Zero.

I am sure you are all saying “yeah Nat! Why don’t you get your arse into gear then!? Why don’t you eat better and go to the gym?” Well… I do eat pretty good. I really love fresh foods and I don’t often crave fast food or processed food. I will however occasionally buy lollies or soft drink but I do not live off of these foods. I do have a high sugar diet, I will admit that but most of this sugar is natural sugar. I will only add sugar when I have a tea or to my porridge. Chocolate or ice cream is usually eaten once a week if that. Recently there has been a lot of chocolate and ice cream in the house so I have tended to crave it more.

The point is, I’m not perfect and neither are you but as long as we are healthy what does it matter what shape we are?


Ps. YOLOSTH (You Only Live Once So Tan Hard) – This is bullshit. Tanning is bad. You need Vitamin D but that isn’t an excuse to tan. You don’t need sun everyday. Tanning causes cancer and sunbeds/solarium beds cause even more cancer! If you want a tan go buy some Sugar Baby or Palmers Instant Bronzer. Don’t lie in the sun and bake yourself, you will get cancer and you will get wrinkles!

The Blonde Song

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Bette Davis

Bette Grable

Jean Harlow

Lana Turner

Ginger Rogers

Mae West


I don’t know if blondes do it better and I don’t know if blondes have more fun but these blonde babes sure are beautiful!

You Get Some

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If anyone remembers this song do let me know.
I seem to be the only one who remembers this song!

Suicide Dogs – Wasting Away

The vocalist is now the King Cannons frontman.
The more you know 😉

King Cannons – Stand Right Up


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Dear everyone,
This fashion and make up blogging thing seems to be popular so I might jump on board!
I really need to get back into blogging and be a little more hands on with it. I also want to start putting up all my DIY ideas too. I’m working on some atm and I might grab some of the DIY gifts I’ve made in the past and show you how I’ve made them.

Here are some of my recent bargain buys that I absolutely adore!

I got this lovely skirt off of Ebay for $8 and free shipping! I think I might slightly modify the hem a little though.

These awesome platform t-bar heels were from Wittner. They were $47.95 but I got them for free because I had a $50 voucher. They were originally $178!

This kitty singlet was a dress that I got years ago for a bargain at some dicky shop in Rosebud.  Although it’s not a recent buy it has been given a new life – I cut it into a top because the dress was asymmetrical which I’m not a huge fan of and I rarely wore it. Mod Cloth has a similar design, if anyone is interested click here.

This is a cute Dangerfield skirt that I got a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet. It was $60 down from $78… I think… Anyway… I only paid $10 because I had a $50 voucher! It also comes in black.

Today I got these cuties from Best and Less. They were $10 but I got them for $7. They are made by a brand called Private Property. The whole range includes gorgeous knickies and bras.

These babies came from Kmart for a smooth $8 down from $15. They are a little wide for my long slender feet but they are my favorite pair of shoes at the moment. I am considering going back and getting the black patent pair!


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Yesterday I had 194 views!
I have no idea who you are but thank you for reading, watching, looking etc!

Over the last 3 days a new ad has been launched. You may or may not have seen it but for those who haven’t here you go:

Since the ad was aired people have been “outraged” due to the frank and open nature of the ad. Since then, Carefree have received complaints about the ad and have been forced to defend the ad and the product.
The ad has been labeled as offensive because of the word “vagina”!
REALLY!? The word “vagina” or “vaginal discharge” offends you!?
Well… if you are one of these people, chances are you have been trying to deny that half of the world seems to own a vagina.

I applaud Carefree for using the real terms rather than nicknames such as “beaver” or “down there” which some brands seem to use.

Its not a:

  • beaver
  • box
  • anything to do with meat
  • taco
  • muff
  • vj


Nicknames or colloquial terms make women feel that there is something to be ashamed about or that their body is seen to be taboo or that they aren’t normal even if some of the names are pretty funny.

Why is it okay to talk about how premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction but not vaginas!?

Here is a quick newsflash:

– Females have VAGINAS!
– Females have a MENSTRUAL PERIOD each month!
– Females sometimes have VAGINAL DISCHARGE!

Oh and that awesome Lynx Balls ad has also gotten so many complaints. While I don’t understand how your balls can possibly get so dirty, I really want one of those buffers.

Seriously… get over it.
Good on you Carefree and Lynx (double thumbs up!)

Should It Be Falls Festival?

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I am just not a festival person.
Food festival, vintage festival, cultural festival yes!
Music festival – almost always no!

I can’t stand the crowds.
I can’t stand how expensive tickets and food is!
I can’t stand the sunburn and the drugs and the weed.

No. I do not like music festivals.

I prefer intimate gigs in someones backyard or on a small stage even if that bonehead that is really tall stands in front of me.
While I love City and Colour, the gig at the Palais recently was too big of a venue. No one sang, no one got up and swayed.
I love the gigs with the free sausage sizzles and the sound acoustics are right.
I love the fact that the toilets aren’t portaloo’s and that you can meet the artist after the show.
I can’t justify the money for a whole lot of bands I hate!
I am not a festival head.
But everyone is different.

End rant.