Slap Her Head

Some interesting things that I found out today:

  • The population of Klemptomania sufferers are two-thirds women. While there may be various suggested motives for Kleptomania, one psychoanalytical psychiatrist called Wihelm Stekel held a different and interesting view which was that of supressed sexual desire. He argued that women suffered from penis envy; the envy of not possesing a penis, which led to stealing items of a symbolic nature to replace their missing penis.
  • An Italian doctor Cesare Lombroso argued that criminals possessed certain physical characteristics and abnormalities in the skull that were not present with non-criminals. Lombroso concluded that that criminals represented an earlier stage of evolution of humanity than that of the rest of society had achieved. According to his concept, different criminals were distinguished by their characteristics. For example. Murderer’s eyes were bloodshot and those of a sex offender were ‘glint’. He also used this theory to explain the lack of criminality in women. Women were backward in terms of human development and they had not evolved to the stage were it was possible to be criminal.

Forensic Psych has come a long way which is good news for myself and my fellow Criminology students!


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