Not So Heavy Choice To Make

It’s been a long time since I last posted but it seems I’ve still been getting a steady stream of views so thanks to everyone who has still been reading or who has visited the Hanging Sun.

Here is a basic rundown of my activities since October:
– Halloween
– Megans 21st
– Work
– Thailand
– England
– My brothers wedding
– Tattooed by Steve Vinall
– Tattooed by Matt ‘Craven’ Evans
– Enrolled into Uni
– Had my birthday

I will eventually put up diary entries of my holiday but I have more important things on my mind at the moment.

Recently there has been a big outcry and controversy over police pursuits in Melbourne. This morning a man died from injuries sustained in an accident that occurred yesterday on Hoddle St following a police chase that lasted only 37 seconds. The driver was fleeing a RBT (random breath test) which the public must pull over for. At the time of the incident the police car was more than 500m away from the car. According to the Sydney Morning Herald there has been ‘five pursuit-linked deaths within two months’.

This morning was greeted another news of a car accident in Melbourne which resulted in the death of a 18 year old passenger. The driver of the car was a learner driver who was driving without a supervising driver which is considered illegal in Victoria. Imagine the feeling of knowing that you killed a friend due to your stupidity.

On Tuesday night a youth was killed in Caulfield while train surfing. He came into contact with live wires which resulted in electrocution while train surfing. He boasted on Facebook claiming he was the ‘Kelly Slater of train surfing’, he was also a member of a Facebook group where train surfing was the main focus of the group. His friends that he was traveling with witnessed the incident occur.

Another news headline; a man in NSW slipped and fell from a 45m crane on a which he had climbed. The fall resulted in his immediate death where there were many by-standers and friends watching on in horror.

As much as any death is always horrible all of these deaths were preventable. The pain that their friends who witnessed these incidents could have been prevented. Families should have been burying their toes in the sand during the hot summer instead of burying their loved ones. These were not ‘accidents’ they were acts of stupidity that resulted in deaths. Deaths that were all foreseeable. All of these people should have known the consequences for their actions, regardless of their ages. All of these people chose to do something which resulted in the worst of outcomes.

No police officer in the recent months should be blamed or criticized for the deaths following these police pursuits. It is not the police officer nor the way they conduct their duties that have resulted in adding to the road toll. It is merely the stupidity of these drivers who have caused their deaths or the deaths of their passengers.


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