Ok, really England?
Isn’t it time to stop giving the Police a reason to beat all you shitheads up?

For the past 5 days violence has garnished London’s streets and suburbs involving hundreds of rioters and thugs.
The violent protests are now spreading to other cities and towns around Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham.

The first protest started on Saturday August 6th, which was peaceful but since Saturday night they have turned violent and less like a ‘protest’ and more like anarchy.
Injuring not only other civilians and but over a hundred police officers have been injured.
On Monday a civilian was shot in his car, he succumbed to his wounds in hospital and died this morning.

The trigger for the riots was the shooting death of a 29 year old man, Mark Duggan by a police officer.
During a confrontation he was shot by a single bullet in the chest and killed.
On further inspection of the body, Duggan had been carrying a loaded blank-firing starting pistol, illegally converted to fire live ammunition.
He was allegedly known as a cocaine dealer and a member of a gang called the ‘Star Gang’.

Other apparent reasons (via Wikipedia) for the rioting have been:
– Local tensions with police
– High unemployment and cuts in public services
– Economic crisis
-Poverty; the growing gap between rich and poor
-Lowest social mobility in the developed world
-Criminal opportunism
-Recreational violence

The majority of these idiots seem to be bored, selfish chavs who don’t understand the reason of the initial protests.
They have damaged cars, businesses, buildings, stolen from shops and other civilians on foot, lit many fires and thrown anything and everything they can at police or windows.

I understand some of these people might be angry but violence isn’t getting you anywhere.
And really, you are making yourselves look like a major pack of twats!
If you are so pissed off with the police brutality and apparently being poor and having no quality of life why don’t you stop giving them a reason to do their jobs (protecting the streets from criminals like yourselves), pick up a book and read it and get a job.
England, I love you, but some of you really are a pack of whingers who love to complain!


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