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Irene Don’t Be Grieving

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May I ask how the death toll from a Level 1 coded hurricane/tropical storm has a death toll of over 40?
America, please, don’t flatter yourselves, take a leaf out of our Level 4 and 5 cyclone handbook and prepare a bit earlier or don’t take any last minute risks…

Here are some photos from some of the great preparation people put in before the hurricane hit:

F*** Yeah Quirky Stuff

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Dear everyone,

I have a new blog.
No I’m not abandoning The Hanging Sun, it’s my baby and society teaches that we shouldn’t abandon children.
It is called Fuck Yeah Quirky Stuff.
Yup, I bought into the whole ‘fuck yeah’ meme tumblr thingy!

I have simply made a Tumblrblog to show the world lots of quirky, creepy and weird things!!
I hope you all enjoy it.
I sincerely hope that some of you go check it out.

FY Quirky Stuff

I will warn some of the content is NSFW and may offend some people.

Click here to check it out!

Kind regards,

Your blogging friend, Nat

Tuesday Love

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Is This A World Worth Fighting For?

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Slow Burns Thier Lungs

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Hanging My Clothes And The Key

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Today as some of the tuned in people of Australia know, the member’s of government voted on two bills.
The first bill proposed was to phase out live animal exportation in 3 years, the second bill was to stop live animal exportation immediately.
The only two MP’s that voted in favor of the bill were the two who proposed the bills.

Not only does this obviously anger me as I supported the cause to end live export it also leaves me asking ‘what now?’ and ‘what do we do now?’ and also ‘what can I do help change the future for animals?’

So I became an Animals Australia member today.
I hope that there will be some protests coming up and hopefully a new bill will come into proposal.
One of the MP’s who’s bill was rejected has said that he will work on a new bill that will be voted upon to improve the standards for the animals in the live export trade.

I hope everyone has as much drive and passion about this issue as me and won’t stop the fight til we get what these animals deserve.

This Separates Me From The World That I Know

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I’m not going to rave and rant.
I’m not going to say that you are wrong.
I’m just going to leave you with a question or two.

Isn’t banning live exportation of animals just a ‘no-brainer’?
Or are we just another barbaric nation?