Sleep This Away

A disturbing and tear-jerking sight of 140 kilo male lion, paralysed, unable to use his 4 limbs has prompted thousands of internet users to donate money for his care.
Ariel, born in 2008 at a wildlife center in Brazil was always health and playful until he was stuck down with a degenerative disease rendering his legs paralysed.
For the last year Ariel has been giving 24 hour care by two vets, hoping that one day he will be able to walk again.
He has gone through many tests and therapy in recent months but to no significant nor positive results.
The bill for the lion mounts to $1200 a month, most of which is donated via people who have seen a campaign for Ariel on Facebook.

The photos splashed on the websites and on news articles around the world really do show the severe contrast of what a lion’s life should represent.
I think it’s becoming quite known that this animal will no longer walk, play, run or ever regain some mobility of his legs.
As humans surviving and living life with a major disability is achievable, although it is not favorable to anyone, none-the-less paralysis does occur and people can still live out their lives somewhat normally.
As an animal when disability strikes it can be treated to some extent, with this lion however I believe it would be wise to euthinize him.
Not only has many avenues been explored it seems that only experimentation may help this animal, which in many ways seems unachievable and only to make the animal suffer more than it already has.

In saying that full mobility seems unachievable there was a remarkable case of a man who was paralysed after a car accident who can now walk.
With an implant that sends electrical pulses to the spinal cord American man Rob Summers can now voluntarily move some of his limbs.
After two years of intensive treadmill therapy Summers is now able to move his feet and his hips, walk and stand.
Doctors believe that it was his physical fitness before the accident that left him with no sensation below the chest that may have helped his rehab.
Though it is a breakthrough in medicine for spinal injuries the procedure is still very experimental as it is the first test that has been conducted of this type in the world.


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