Backsalt Brush

OK, lets enter the Burqa and Niqab debate.

There has been recent uproar when a police officer pulled over a driver who happened to be wearing a Niqab. When he asked her to remove her head and face garment to identify herself, she refused.
The New South Wales government just passed a Law giving police the power to remove a Niqab or Burqa in order to identify a woman.

As much as I think people should be allowed to wear what they want and feel comfortable doing so I agree that yes we should have laws regarding the revealing of ones identity.
When you walk into a bank you MUST remove your hat, helmet, mask etc etc so that the CCTV and the bank staff can identify you and recognise you.
So why should this issue be any different, why should a minority get a different law just to suit them?
This is Australia and as much as for the most part your customs and culture is respected but please respect ours and our laws.
No one is trying to make any woman feel uncomfortable but it is just to keep the country that you choose to live in safer.
You could opt for the Hijab, it lets us see your beautiful faces too not just identify you who you are.


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