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Did You Get A Card?

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I had such a great day today, the sun was shining, I saw Sarah, ate some great food, had a good early night at work and came home to a peppermint crisp.

I Love It When He Calls, I Love It When You Call

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James and I made sushi, well mostly James did.
We also went to see Jesse cause James missed his boyfriend and James got his neck tattooed.

Hallow Ground

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I got a fantastic camera from my parents for my 21st!
Which isn’t until January but we got it for a bargain!

Steady Living, The Best That I Can

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You know whats disgusting, pro eating disorder websites and blogs!
The tips that they offer and the miss-leading information they give really ugh, they infuriate me!
Even when a girl enters the website just to get some tips on how to loose a few kilos they suck her in and brainwash her and she soon becomes one of them.
On one website I saw it was a requirement to state your age, weight and your BMI in order to use the chat rooms and the forum!!!
I’m seriously sick of ‘thinspriation’ and the way society urges and pushes young girls to be thin.
It’s always ‘you must be thin’ never ‘you must be healthy’, the fear of putting on weight frightens normal healthy women and girls when it shouldn’t.
So here is my ‘thinspiration’ for you!!!

Go Green With Your Adornment

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Wood Is Good

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I’m now an Omerica Organic rep!
If you would like 20% off of your first purchase enter my rep code which is NP@OO.

Omerica Organic products are all hand made and of high quality. I cannot stress enough how good organic is for your ears and how comfy they are!
When you order, you select the design you want, if you want flares, O-rings, how much wearable length you wish to have, everything! They are made to order and are chemical free which allows the good oils from the wood to treat and keep your ears healthy!
OO have a large range at a reasonable price, especially considering how good the Australian dollar is now is a good time to buy from the USA!
But if you want your own custom one-off design you can order your own custom plugs, click here for more info.

They also have other items such as necklaces, pendents and belt buckles.

Much More Than Just A Shell

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As much as there is death, sickness, suffering and the unfortunate there is equally as many beautiful things in this world.
Just as long there continues to be more of the beautiful I will always be able to appreciate this world, nature, the people and all the other goodness inside of it.