This Is The Time Between Birth And Death

Megan said I need to blog more.
In many ways I feel like I don’t need to cause I’m still getting blog views everyday.
The last time I had a day without any views was on the… it won’t let me check it… Oh well, it’s been a while anyway.

I’ve recently become aware that everyone I’m surrounded by is lost. I included.
We have no strive, no goals (even the ones that do still seem lost), nothing burning inside us.
We might work, have our independence, be in love, be traveled or studying but there is something integral missing from all of our souls.
It makes me sad to think about it and thinking about it makes me feel even worse.

Why are we all like this?
Why are we all lost and stuck as if we are just roaming around blinded or drugged in a never-ending field?
We get angry, we get sad.
We feel something when we are drunk, having sex, smoking or drug taking and that’s it*.
When we are thrust back into reality the next morning, when the next hangover sets in, after that cigarette, after that orgasm, we know that we need to change and yet we still don’t know how to.
And some just accept that they’re lost even though they find so much discomfort in their current being.

It’s a scary feeling; like time isn’t on our side, that time is running out and fast.
There is so much pressure, but it doesn’t help to ignore it, but we don’t know how to face it either.
So, instead, we just carry on, stumbling around in the dark.

What do we want to be remembered for?
At the end of the day what do we want to have to show for ourselves?

Whatever it is, I hope that we all find our way, it would be a shame for us not to.

*I exclude myself from this statement as I rarely ever drink or get drunk.


4 Responses to “This Is The Time Between Birth And Death”

  1. That pretty much says what I feel at this point in my life.
    I like this part. “There is so much pressure, but it doesn’t help to ignore it, but we don’t know how to face it either.
    So, instead, we just carry on, stumbling around in the dark.”
    This is a great post.

  2. Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. This is the human condition Natalie. There is something interesting and also puzzling about our brains. I think we are designed like this. Once we get what we want, we need the next best thing. Once one part of our life falls into place we see the cracks in another.
    I have had this happen to me an awful lot, and I’ve realized that to question my purpose in life is pointless, particularly when I’m an athiest. For me’, I try and live by my morals. It makes me feel good about my life and also that something good will come my way. As far as outlaw, I try and do whatever makes me happy and content. Photography, travelling, being a good person, loving, working hard. To question purpose is an enless question with no answer. Just try and live in today.

    Wow that was a long answer. Lol

  4. I agree with your statement about life feeling pointless as you(we) are atheists.
    And to question it is really fruitless.

    I definitely have a morbid and scientific view of our purpose.
    Life all started out in a puddle and a few microbes that joined together and then everything was a chemical reaction from there on.
    I don’t believe there is anything deeper than that, we are born, we are here for a while then we die and that’s it.

    But what we do in the meantime I feel is important.

    In saying that, living life through religion is probably easier, you are generally happy, you know what your purpose is and you just go about your day living with your buddy Jesus.

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