Just Like A Pill

To most friends it’s no surprise that for sometime I have been taking anti-depressants for depression and anxiety.
To this date I have taken three different drugs to date.
Zoloft (Sertraline), Lovan (Prozac) and Effexor (Velafaxine)
The one that has worked the best has most certainly been Lovan but I had to change to Effexor.
I’m on a fairly low dosage, 75mg, but I was instructed to come off of the medication, cold turkey.

I have missed a dosage of this medication before and spent the next day in bed.
It was horrible!
Now that I’m trying to come off of this drug, it has been HELL!
Crying one minute, the next I’m fine, the next dizzy the next I’m fine.
Sweating, fever, chills, anger, anxiety, shaking, nausea the list goes on.
It’s seriously so bad people have compared it to herion, I’m not sure if it’s that bad… but anyway…
It’s only been two days, apparently this can last at least up to two weeks and often people never feel as they did before the medication or ever feel ‘normal’.
I ended up caving and taking a dose about…30mins ago just after I almost vomited.
The reason why it is so hard to come off of this drug is because it has a short half-life, around 5 hours.
So just one missed dose or taking the dosage late can really cause some problems.
So tomorrow morning I will be feeling fine, that doesn’t help though because I need to stop taking it.

I have read so many horror stories and forums regarding people trying to come off of this medication.
Around 76% of people trying to come off of Effexor have withdrawal syndrome, one of the most problematic depression medication to try taper or stop taking.
Most end up having severe symptoms.

I urge people not to reach for this medication and be vary wary of taking it.
It is not just emotionally hardcore to try come off of but it is certainly physically crippling.

I’ve heard that Omega 3 (I’m supposed to be taking this anyway but I don’t) and Benerdyl helps.
I’m going to give them both a try, wish me luck!

Don’t take Effexor kids.


2 Responses to “Just Like A Pill”

  1. […] Oh Yeah! ANOTHER thing! This weekend I have started to ween off of the dreaded Effexor, click here for the previous post about Effexor and how poisonous it is. I have cut my dose in half, so lets […]

  2. OMG that Effexor reeks havoc on a person! I was on it for a short time but had such a rapid personality change AND it leaving me stoned out of my mind, I had to come off of it. Funny enough though, those were the only days in the last few years I actually felt happiness…

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