For Black And For White

Recently we have seen major media coverage on the flooding disaster in Queensland.
Millions of dollars and donations have been given by businesses, governments and by families alike.
But Australia’s current natural disaster seems to be over-shadowing another major and so far, a deadlier flooding event, or rather ‘events’ around the world.

As of recent news reports (sourced via the internet, nothing has been on any televised news that I have seen), there has been major flooding in the Southern Hemisphere, not just in Australia, but all over the world. Millions of people have either lost their homes or been displaced by the increasing waters and deadly land and mudslides.

South America has been faced with major flooding and rain in the past few weeks, particularly in Rio in Brazil which has lead to major landslides and mudslides killing 500 people in the country’s worst flooding disaster.
The majority of Rio De Janeiro is ruled not by a government but by drug lords which has led many millions to live in slums with poor infrastructure.
The poor resources has forced locals to dig out the victims using their bare hands and minimal tools.
They expect the death toll to rise dramatically over the coming weeks.

There has also been major flooding in Sri Lanka which has so far, killed 23 people.
Usually the monsoon season brings much prosperity and good crops to the country but this season has unfortunately destroyed not only lively hoods of many but thousands of homes which will take money they do not have to rebuild.
In a shocking and heartbreaking story, a baby elephant was found dead in a tree after being swept up by the raging waters and got stuck. The photos of the elephant are truly heart breaking.
Another country north of Australia has also seen major flooding, the Philippines.
Their death toll, so far is 43, which can be attributed to poor evacuation, poor infrastructure and landslides.

The death toll of the South African disaster, predominantly in Johannesburg has reached 40 after major rains and mudslides.

All of these countries, including our own are expecting the death toll to rise.
It will take billions of dollars to rebuild all these towns and cities across the world and could take not only months but a number of years for the clean up to be complete.
But please spare a thought for these nations who are also dealing with a crisis, much more serious than our own.

The Pakistan flooding crisis, much to many peoples surprise is still present.
Disease outbreak is still a major threat especially in areas with little to no medical support.
This threat has the potential to add to the 2000 already perished due to this disaster.

We cannot donate to every single cause but lets not be stuck-up and selfish just don’t forget the rest of the world.


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