Love Me

Call it blasphemy, call it stupidity, call it whatever you will.

There! I said it!
I feel better now.
I know everyone says they ‘changed‘ music and they were ‘revolutionary‘ etc etc.
But I don’t agree.
There were other ‘good‘ bands and artists before the Beatles.
And most certainly after.
I can’t even appreciate their music or try to understand the hysteria.
They honestly just seem like everyone other band, and the only reason why everyone thought they were ‘geniuses‘ is because they were so famous.
They weren’t famous for their musical skills, they were famous cause they took copious amounts of drugs, had sex with lots of women and every screaming fan thought they were ‘soooooo dreamy!’.
Yup, everyone wanted to be their best buddies.
But not me, I’d rather travel the outback with a tribe making music with sticks and eating bush tucker.

Maybe it’s the name that gets me?..
Maybe it was their haircuts?..
It’s not cause I’m not into ‘mainstream’ music, don’t get me wrong, I love Lady Gaga.
And it’s not because I don’t like older music, I can’t resist singing along to ‘Tiny Dancer’.

I’m sure there’s a bit of talent that they all had, but there has been many other talented artists before and after them who are much worthy of such a high velocity of fame.

Let’s face it, they were just a media craze.


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