Over My Head, My Head

Ok, so a few weeks ago I went and got a blood test and today I found out that I have low vitamin B12 which can lead to serious damage on the brain and spinal cord.
It also can lead to cronic fatigue which is what I am experiencing and why I got the blood test.

Basically I have to have 3 injections over the next 3 months and if my levels do not stay steady then it indicates I have a problem absorbing B12 rather than lacking it in my diet.

I had my first injection today, it sucked.
But I got a lollipop!


One Response to “Over My Head, My Head”

  1. and you were so cute wiff your liddle looolipoop … suck suck … rofl

    seriously though – 1 step at a time and you’ll be on top of what ails you – I’m proud of you little daughter – it will all work out in the end and whatever you have to deal with you WILL – because you’re a champion and we love you more … ♥

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