Wee Wee Wee, All The Way Homeboy

Have you ever realised that as a child your whole entire existence is based on a lie.

You ask where babies come from and you are told ‘the stalk delivered you to our doorstep!’
or ‘you were born in a cabbage patch!’
You get told from birth that Santa delivers presents to every single child in the world on Christmas Eve with his flying reindeer, led by one with a bright red nose.
You also get told he has a factory in the South Pole full of elves who make all the toys for Christmas.
When you loose a tooth you get money from a Tooth Fairy in exchange of your fallen pearl-er.
Oh yeah, here is another, during Easter you are told that an Easter Bunny/Rabbit/Bilby scatters chocolate eggs in your backyard and house.

So many lies.
Kids are always so devastated when they figure it out and they feel so lied to.
I know I did.
It was just like… ‘oh… So… what ELSE is fake or not real!?’
I got over the ‘sads’ pretty quickly but I wonder if it ever still effects some people today.
I wonder if people have trust issues because they were lied about all these mythical beings and creatures.
I know that children’s minds are fragile and that they don’t have the capacity to understand our Western traditions and adult issues but it just seems a bit wrong.


One Response to “Wee Wee Wee, All The Way Homeboy”

  1. I completely agree with you my Sweet – I hated the whole LIE thing about all the things you mentioned!

    We try to teach or children NOT to lie but we adults perpetuate the biggest lies they’ll ever hear in their lives.

    LUM MUM … xox

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