A Sentence Without Spaces

Time to discus how unhappy I am about this stupid body I’m stuck with.

When I look in the mirror, I don’t see fat.
I see the opposite, I see a skeleton.
I see no butt, no thighs, no arms, no stomach, no boobs.
So many people are like ‘you are so lucky to be so thin!’
But I don’t agree!

I’m not lucky, you have the opportunity to loose weight if you choose to whereas I cannot put weight on and therefore cannot change how much my body physically weighs or looks in general.

Living your life day in and day out agonising over thoughts that people may be talking behind your back or thinking ‘Oh my god! That girl is so thin!’ or ‘She needs to eat something!’
and here is the worst of them all ‘That girl has an eating disorder!’

I don’t.
But I’m constantly scared that people feel that way.
Ex-boyfriends have even gone as far as asking me if I ‘made myself vomit’ and it just tears me apart.

Today me and Jess Turtiainen got lunch and it’s hard to hang out with someone that is so beautiful inside and out and covered in fantastic artwork.
Not to mention is a person at a healthy weight.

I’m sick of comparing myself to other girls.
I’m sick of not being able to find clothes that fit.
I’m sick of wondering if other girls are smaller than me.
I’m sick of wondering if people think I’m sick.


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