I Will Prevail

Last night…
So good!

We all went to NEXT and saw The Ghost Inside.
I haven’t been to NEXT since I was 16, so it was still pretty refreshing to go back.
So many lovely faces and good friends.
Such good crowd participation.
Such a fantastic and amazing band!
Wow, they blew my socks off (I was actually wearing socks)!
Mark made a bit of a dick of himself during Lovers Grave but mostly I think everyone was just impressed and laughed.

I bought a jumper and a tshirt and I also bought $39 Van’s earlier that day!
Pretty awesome price if you ask me, 60% off!
I almost bought some Fred Perry shoes but I held myself back.
Next time I go to Prime I will make sure to buy some, I’ve only been waiting years.
And I also bought some shorts today…
Yeah I like to shop…

Mum and Dad have gone away so it’s party time.
Not really.
But seriously..

* Don’t come over, there is no party.


One Response to “I Will Prevail”

  1. yes, I made a huge dick of myself 🙂
    its just funny now haha

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