Eight ways to win your heart.

It’s already won, but here we go:

1. Creativity (art, music, photography, ideas etc).
2. Have a sweet hair cut and is able to go good facial hair, like a mo or a beard.
3. Likes animals and all cute things like kittens and pandas.
4. Not a follower of any sort, an individual who is drug free, trend-free.
5. A romantic who thinks about you during the day and plans cute things.
6. Loyal and trustworthy.
7. Must be able to be as goofy and dorky as I am.
8. Must have a kind heart, love me for who I am and think I’m beautiful even when I’m at my most unattractive.
– For example: The other day I asked James what to wear to his sister’s birthday and he replied “Babe you look hot in trackies!”
This didn’t help me as to what to wear but I’m glad he seems to think I still look ok when I’m just dagging around.
This is why I luff him.


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