Sold My Soul To The Open Road

I’m selling some of my tunnels and plugs.
Mostly due to the fact I’ve decided to only wear surgical steel or organics in my ears and the other reason being I’m now at 20mm.

Inquire via here, Facebook, text, and email (only if you have it, I’m not giving it out over the net and/or if I don’t know you)

Rosewood Plugs Single Flares: 10mm (00ga)
$16 (sold as pair)
Only for healed ears.
O-rings included.
Will need to be bees-waxed as some point as they are not perfectly sanded and will have a tendency to bond or stick to your ears, so keep them well oiled daily with jojoba oil, bio oil or emu oil.

Double Flare Marbleised Plastic Purple Plugs: 11mm (7/16″)
$11 (sold as pair)
Never worn.
No two pairs are identical but these are a good match!

Single Flare Sugar Skull Plugs: 10mm (00ga)
$13 (sold as pair)
Grooved for O-rings.
O-rings included.

Double Flare Synthetic Amber Plugs: 12mm (1/2)
$10 (sold as pair)
Worn once.
Tiniest dint in back of one of the plugs.
Flares on the back are slightly smaller which make them easier to put in.

Single Flare Surgical Stainless Steel Tunnels: Various sizes up to 10mm (00ga)
All sold as singles.
Price negotiable.
Will come with some O-rings.

Emerald Silicone Tunnels: 12mm (1/2″)
$14 (sold as pair)
DO NOT use silicone to stretch!
Only for healed ears.
Silicone has a tendency to bond with your skin if you wear them everyday, ideally not to be worn daily but if you do make sure you oil them with either jojoba oil, bio oil or emu oil.

If you have any questions about pricing, do ask, I did however cater for total price I paid including postage and handling.
And due to the fact they have rarely been worn they are around the original pricing (not including USD conversion).

Upon being delivered, given to you or however we do our business they will not only be cleaned but sterilised in hospital grade surgical instruments cleaner.


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