A letter to your parents.

Dear Mum,
Poop your head off.
The end.
Haha, no really, though, I don’t know what I’d do without you, your my best friend and always there to pick up the pieces. Thank you for everything you have ever done and just know how greatly I appreciate it.
Your my anchor and you honestly have the biggest positive influence on my life.
I know we’ll always be close and I can’t wait to move out and come home to stay for weekends and visits.
Can we please get a lamb?
Thanks your amazing!
Love your more Mum!

Dear Dad,
I know things have been pretty tough recently and I know we don’t always see eye-to-eye but I’m okay with that. I wouldn’t change how we are and I love that we have a good relationship. I know your stressed and worried at the moment but I will always be here if you ever want a chat or a shoulder to cry on.
Tough times ahead but I know we can get through it because we have been through it before!
Love you lots.


3 Responses to “DAY TWENTY FOUR:”

  1. Thanks for the heart felt message my dear daughter, I know you have also been doin some tough stuff lately so the same goes shoulders to cry on and ears open to listen with and arms open to cuddle .

    Love you Daughter.

  2. PS dont think mum will appreciate a lamb for dinner PMSL

  3. Poop Your Head Off More …

    Thank you my Sweet for your kind words … they mean the world to me as do you 🙂

    When times are tough and life throws difficulties your way just remember that no matter how bad things seem it will pass and the sunshine will flow into your heart once again …

    Sending you all my love with my heart fully open for you always …

    LOVE YOU MORE … mwahhh ♥

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