About Living This Life, Free and Long

Ok, so Mr Rikki Howell (great dude, if your not his mate, become his mate) has a friend who runs a foundation called ‘Stay Positive Foundation‘ which I think is pretty damn cool and something to be admired for.

Staying positive is something I really need right now, I sort of had a break down today.

It’s nice to know that someone else cares about the welfare of others in the community and wants to spread the word about staying positive and the importance of being optimistic.

There is a strong link between the value of positivity and music. The message that a lot of positive hardcore and straight edge hardcore music sends to youths and people is a very important one.
It’s about non-violence, standing up for yourself, for your friends and your beliefs, staying strong, knowing you can do anything, having optimistic thoughts, being yourself and in general a good member of society.

One of my favorite songs is called Watch Me Rise by Have Heart.
The song is basically about carrying on with life and staying strong within yourself regardless of what the rest of the world hands you or thinks about you.
I think the song also reflects on the daily struggles with depression and general problems that arise.

It’s a powerful song that certainly means a lot to me and probably a lot of other Have Heart and positive hardcore fans.

“Goddamn”, he said, ” I promised myself
I’d never feel this fucking way
Again, this world has got me praying on my knees
For one peaceful thought

In my mind,
My stride,
My life,
My time
Is consumed with a thousand thoughts

Flying free like a flock of birds
With no direction or intention of finding home

It’s so hard to think,
It’s so hard to change
When this world doesn’t see you any other way

In this world, they choose to see me,
They choose to see me
Like a setting sun

So it’s up to me,
I have to see me,
I have to see me
Like the rising one

In my days somebody told me that the rain would always come,
Always come to wash away the pain
But nothing changes and this world still wants me down,
Wants me down on my knees praying in that rain

“Born this way, die this way”

I’d rather die on my feet
Than live on my knees
I’d rather die on my feet
So you can watch me,
You can watch me

With the things we carry

The loss,
The scars,
The weight of heavy hearts

So i say to the slaves of depression
And sing the sweet redeeming song
About living this life free and long

Watch me, watch me,
For miles and miles”


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