Fangs Of Accountability

Ok so it has been almost 3 weeks since Australia voted for our new PM and we STILL don’t have anyone running the country.

I think for alot of people it was voting for the two lesser evils or the ‘least worst’ party. I voted Greens which I was happy about. It was sort of a no-brainer. But alot of people didn’t see it that way…

We are pretty lucky that no one has started a riot because a lot of other places around the world would have!
Maybe most Australian’s just don’t care, but I’m sort of starting to think something should be done.
Why has no one taken any action?
Why are we leaving it up to the ‘pollies’ to sort out?

This got me thinking, what would I do if I was to become PM or have a political party…

Here are a few of my policies:

1. Decriminalisation of abortions pre-20 weeks.
2. Tougher penalties for any violent crimes including rape, incest and molestation.
3. Better treatment of detainees and illegal immigrants and an offshore processing center.
4. Basic health facilities to all those that need especially in indigenous communities.
5. Free public transport which includes buses, trains and trams.
6. Better Sexual Education in all schools regardless of being private or state which includes free access to sexual health clinics, condoms, pregnancy tests and sti tests.
7. Better apprentice wages.
8. More public housing for those who are homeless and in need of shelter.
9. No discrimination when it comes to physical features and body modification UNLESS it is a health hazard.
10. Tougher penalties for animal cruelty including lengthier jail time.
11. Better conservation of the environment which includes reducing Co2 emissions.
12. Compulsory desalination plants and recycled water being used throughout the country
13. Same sex marriage.
14. Stop whaling and shark fining.
15. Religious organisations will not be exempt from paying tax.


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