A letter to someone who has hurt you recently.

I realised you didn’t actually give a f*** about me when you started ignoring me out of the blue. ‘Why are you ignoring me?’ I thought… Yes well now I have you figured out, and so does everyone else.

You weren’t a ‘friend’ you used me and all my friends for your own means. You stole from us when we thought you were a genuinely awesome person, but your not.
Your always complaining how ‘poor’ you are but you live out of your parents pockets and your driving a better car than most of us could dream of.

We now know your nothing but a user, a back-stabber, a bitch and a whore.
Sorry, but its the truth.

As soon as you moved on from me and my friends you found new gullible people to f*** over.
You tell people your life story and stupidly everyone believes you and feels sorry for you making the bonding quick.
I hope they learn who you are fast or you change to become a better human.

It really hurt that you stopped answering my calls, messaging me, or replying to any contact I tried to make with you.

Thanks for never giving a shit about anyone else but yourself.



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