More More Fashion Baby

Via Megan Durant’s Tumblr.

‘I miss Nat. This is an old photo, but all my more recent ones are on the family PC, not my humble laptop. The other day she sent me a lovely email, because she had read my emo-ness and just wanted to check up on me.

I miss being 16, having nothing better to do then talk on myspace all night after school, not doing our philosophy homework, and riding the bus to and from school everyday, talking about boys like Miles and James, then making as much toast as we could every Tuesday and Thursday in breakfast club. Going so far as to take tea bags and mugs in Yr 12, just so we could steal milk. Gloria Jeans after school. And trying to find our dove of a seagull.

That’s what friendship is all about, it doesn’t matter how infrequently you see one another, it’s remembering the little things.


I couldn’t agree more!
I do miss spending all of my money on V, Vitamin Water, Coffee and Egg and Bacon sandwiches from the milkbar!
And drinking chai…


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