The meaning behind my WordPress URL name:

I was inspired to start a WordPress account by someone I met who blogged quiet often.
I wanted an abstract name that didn’t tie in with the theme of the blog.
I had no idea where to begin and I pretty much just thought of a few songs and lyrics.

English hardcore band Dead Swans was pretty much the first band I looked at and their song The Hanging Sun is one of my favorites.
I had been listening to it earlier that day and it was stuck in my head.
So I just went with it and now I guess it really suits the blog.

It never had any meaning or anything at the start but now it really has grown to have meaning and value.

The meaning it holds to me is just that everyday is just another 24 hours in our life and that regardless of whether we rise or not its still another ‘day’.
The sun is ‘hanging’ regardless of what any individual does and we should make the most of those 24 hours because the sun will keep hanging long after we are gone.


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