A recent photo and 15 facts about me:

1. I love to write essays and long passages of useful and informative information.
2. I love cooking pancakes, Easy Mac, carbonara, Kraft French salad dressing, Reese’s pieces, Mexican food and soda water.
3. My nose is always dripping, today I found out it is due to large gland-type-things in my nose.
4. I love spooning, being spooned and everything spoon related with James.
5. James is my boyfriend.
6. I seem to intimidate other females, I don’t know why, but usually they intimidate me too.
7. I live in the middle-of-nowhere next to the beach.
8. I have had at least over 10 hours tattoo work.
9. My artist is Heath Crowe at Splash of Colour in Ascot Vale, he’s good, go get skin art by him!
10. I have some of the funniest, most amusing people in my life.
11. I lost my job and it really threw my life around in a bad way.
12. I’m on Word’s With Friends, add me (squiddynat), and you will see pure skill!
13. I’m all for womens rights and I am pro-choice.
14. I’m against all illegal drugs and I remain ‘drug free’.
15. I’m an atheist and I despise cults and preachers. If I could get ‘F*** God’ tattooed on my forehead, I would!


One Response to “DAY ONE:”

  1. ??? to #3 – I live with you and have not seen you with a tissue
    or knew you had a prob with your nose … ?

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