Today James mentioned that when he saw Inception he thought that it wasn’t really that good. He thought the concept was good but in general agrees that Indie or Arthouse films are better these days.
There are some fantastic films produced in Hollywood don’t get me wrong but it’s all about making money rather than making a good movie for an audience or to get a message across.

It’s not rare that after watching a movie thinking ‘if this director was involved that it would be better’ or ‘if this movie was a foriegn film it would have just topped it off!’.
There is something so much better about Independent flicks and foriegn films.
Perhaps it is the lack of Hollywood that makes them so fantastic or maybe the filming techniques used rather than the regular conventional methods of presenting a film.

In saying that yes I do have some Hollywood favorites but these days I’m more turning to the other films because it rarely fails me (plus there is more zombies).

So here is some awesome movies I have recently watched and recommend:

Dead Snow –
A black comedy zombie tale of Nazi zombies on a mountain trying to reclaim their treasure.

Doghouse –
Another good zombie comedy about a group of English lads who venture out for a boys weekend after a nasty divorce of one of their mates. Little do they know the town is overun with female zombies.

Priceless (Hors de prix) –
A romantic French film starring Audrey Tautou who seduces rich men to pay her bills. She then meets Jean and teaches him the tricks-of-the-trade to gain a living.

Taxidermia –
An interesting and strange Hungarian film which follows the paths of 3 generations. A Grandfather who seeks love, a son who seeks success and a grandson who seeks immorality.

High Lane (Vertige) –
A black comedy about a group of rock climbers who adventure into dangerous rockclimbing territory. Things start to get a bit mysterious when members of the group start to go missing.

The Job
A movie about a guy who is in need of employment. When a drifter points him in the direction of work of a contract killer he finds himself in strife.

World’s Greatest Dad –
A black comedy about a father played by Robin Williams who is a struggling writer and in general an outcast. When things start to go his way he realises he didn’t go about it the correct way.

Public Enemy Number One –
A French two-part movie about one of France’s most notorious criminals who escaped from 4 jails and lived a life of crime.


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