Never take suicide threats as a joke!

It’s nights like these that reminds me why there is no God.

Earlier I was alerted to a girl in overseas on Tumblr and formspring who was threatening to commit suicide.

At first I thought it was a joke and I thought it was funny. The things that were written could not be taken seriously.
And then I remembered those two young girls that went missing in the Dandenong Ranges a few years ago.

The girls, both 16 were found days later in rugged bushland near their house.
Jodie Gater and Stephanie Gestier had a suicide pact.

Not only was the story so haunting and the pain of the deparate search for the girls struck me hard but it also has recently become more relivant to my life.
My Mum has spent time with one of the families and the pain and heartache that they experienced should not be expeirenced by any member of any family.
The feelings and things that their family has experienced has come back to me and I’m ever so sympathetic for them.

The scary thing was that leading up to the termination of the lifes of the teenagers could not be foreseen. They both seemed happy and at one point… overly happy.
They had found peace in what they were about to do.

This girl online was boasting almost about her plight, yes her story is sad. I’m not sure what to believe, but I knew that if she was being serious something had to be done.

Everyone else that had seen it would leave the responsibility to others.
This is a pshycological event which occurs in our brains which is related to our nervous system.
We do not help people in crisis because we think someone else is more qualified, someone else will do it so you don’t have to worry or that it’s not a big deal.
Well I couldn’t lie to myself.
And I knew that every other person that was either egging her on or pleading with her not to take her life would feel the diminished responsibility.

I found her mother’s Facebook and sent her a message.
Unfortunatly I knew that because of the time difference that her mother would probably not read the message for sometime.
I called the police.
They were helpfull and I spoke to various officers.
I gave them all of the information that I could and hoped that it would help.
They called me back to get more information and then called back once more to notify me that the police in her town had been notified and went to asess the situation.

Maybe she was just trying to get attention, maybe not. But Jodie Gater and Stephanie Gestier’s family didn’t get any warning and they would have given the world to have had some warning.

This girl could have had a second chance when many others don’t have that.

I just checked back on her Tumblr and apparently she’s pretty angry and that because of me I got her Mum in ‘trouble’.

If someone you know has ever expressed any suicidal thoughts or feelings I cannot urge you enough to contact someone, tell someone and let them know because you may never see that person ever again.
Never take it for granted or as a joke.
This is life we are dealing with. This is OUR responsibility!


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