7 More Miles

5 Famous People to Invite to Your Dream Dinner Party, Dead or Alive.

1. Lady Gaga
2. Karl Shubach
3. Betty Page
4. Jacob Bannon
5. Micheal C. Hall

5 Bands/Musicians I’ve been Listening to A lot Lately.

1. Misery Signals
2. Attack Attack
3. New Found Glory
4. The Amity Affliction
5. RX Bandits

5 Things I’m addicted to.

1. Soy sauce
2. WordPress
3. Salt and vinegar
4. Kittens
5. Shoes

5 Songs I Can’t Stop Listening to at the Moment.

1. “All The Time” – RX Bandits
2. “I Hate Hartley” – The Amity Affliction
3. “Dance The Way I Feel” – Ou Est Le Swimming Pool
4. “We No Speak No Americano” – Yolanda Be Cool
5. “Unspoken” – The Ghost Inside

5 Favourite T.V Shows

1. Gavin and Stacey
2. How I Met Your Mother
3. Man Vs Wild
4. American Dad
5. South Park

5 Things that Always Cheer Me Up.

1. Kittens
2. James being a nut/going nutty/being cute
3. Food
4. Warm days
5. Tea

Top 5 People I Want to Punch in the Face.

1. Anyone that pushes their religion on me. Go away. I don’t need guidence.
2. Anyone that would boast about their new tattoo which is actually crap.
3. Anyone who has ever hit, slapped, spat on, headbutted, kicked, raped or done anything physically demeaning to a female.

5 Favorite Actors/Actresses.

1. Drew Barrymore.
2. Jason Bateman.
3. Micheal Cera.
4. Julia Roberts.

5 Put Your iPod on Shuffle-What are the First 5 Songs that come up.

1. “Midnight Runner” – Cut Copy
2. “Hell OF The Upsidedown Sinners” Architect
3. “Better Off Alone” – Grinspoon
4. “Wanderlust” – Every Time I Die
5. “Isle Of Her” – The Klaxons


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