Dance The Way I Feel

1: Do you have any piercings?
I do.

2: If so how many and where?
I have a few.

3: What do you think is the most common piercing?
Ears obviously.

4: Which age do you think is common for a person to get their first piercing?
Probably around 15 for anything other than ears. I think kids should wait til they 16-18 before they start to modify their body in anyway depending on what they want and how mature they are.

5: What do you think should be the legal age to get pierced? Please explain why.
18 without parental consent, 16 with parental consent. How the law stands at the moment. But in saying that the piercings should be restricted. eg. no genital piercings or modification, no nipples, no deep or surface piercings allowed and no anchors or skin divers etc. I think to a certain extent facial piercings should also be considered.

6: What do you think should be the legal age to get permanent body modifications? Please explain why.
As it stands in Australia at the moment it is 18. Which I agree with. Human brains are not fully developed until they are at least 18 which is why we have these laws in place to stop children from having tattoos at young ages when they may not be fully developed physically and mentally. This is also why the drinking age is 18. It is shown that kids who drink at a young age are not fully developed mentally and therefore cannot always make the correct choice.

7: Do you think that piercings and tattoos have become more socially acceptable in the past 20 years?
They somewhat have become more acceptable in society but there is still alot of negative attention drawn to people who have body modification. It is seen that people with piercings or tattoos are ‘scum’ or ‘dirty’ people which is not often the case.

8: Do you think that more extreme body modification, such as ear pointing, Tongue splitting, scarification and Body implants are now socially acceptable or that they will become more acceptable within time?
I think they still freak alot of people about and alot of people still don’t know much about it if anything at all. Alot of people find it so strange still. It may not become 100% acceptable ever, but the more people are exposed to these modifications the more people are more likely to accept it in society.

9: Do you find body modification to be just the latest trend among this generation or do you believe that it is an individual self-expression which is here to stay?
I believe it is a type of self-expression which is here to stay. You can’t call it a ‘trend’ when it has been going on since before Christ. The earliest known mummies which have been found had body modification. People alter their bodies for many reasons, but people will continue to change their look even when the current generations have passed on.

10: Have you found that more people each day are either getting a new piercing, tattoo or are modifying their bodies in some way?
Of course. If people weren’t then tattoo studios and piercing studios would not exist. Not to mention body jewellery companies, ink companies, rubber glove companies, auto-clave makers etc.

11: What do you believe are the main reasons which people modify themselves?
Alot of people do it for attention. But people also do it to empower themselves or to go go to that place of nothingness and spirituality when you get body modification. Some people do it to change something when they feel like they cannot change anything else.

12: Do you think people which get modifications belong to a certain stereotype?

13: Do you think that having modifications changes other peoples opinions of you?
Unfortunatly it does. It shouldn’t but we live in a society where people are judged by their looks.

14: Do your own modifications change your opinions of yourself?
Like a previous question about the reasons behind modifications I feel empowered by them and to push my self phsycially is something I find important. After being told you are worthless and weak, it’s a good feeling to be able to handle the physical pain and feel stronger within yourself every single time.


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