DAY 27.

Your definition of the meaning of life.

I believe there is none…
And here is why:

After the big bang there were two different mico-organisms that met in the puddle mixed and became a new micro-organism and that one met another one and so on and so forth.

Everything was purely an accident and humans were confused as to why we are on earth which led to religion.

We had ‘nothing concrete’ in our lifes and were scared of death and confused about life so we created these things such as purpose and religion.

In saying that, I don’t think you should just do whatever you want, alot of the religious scripts have good morals and values which in general should be followed and which formed our ethical code.

But to say our ‘purpose’ is to spead the seed or help others or get into Heaven, have become things that we have put on ourselves not the ultimate purpose in life or the world in it’s begining.

We put the stigma on ourselves to have a purpose and some people believe they have one and others don’t.

Yes you should help other’s less fortunate and do what you can for the greater good but I don’t think your put here for a purpose.

It’s sort of nilhistic but it’s my view. Mankind is a mere accident; choosing to further mankind is our own choice.

We are born to die.


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