They Are Narwals

Ok today is the first day I’ve blogged in a long time!
And even though it’s be a while, I’ve still been getting a consistant amount of blog views which is impressive.
It’s really sad really, I hate not posting, I’ve eve been having withdrawals.
Alot of things have been going on!
Mark, Claire and Miles moved out together which is awesome, and there house is rad. It has nice lighting…
Theres something about a house with good lighting.
I got a new tattoo, its James’ birthday in a week and I have no idea what to get him and famiyl stuff has also happened and ugh.
Long story.

Although last night Claire’s cat Narla got her head stuck in a paper bag and she was being hailarious!!
Lol, it was so funny.
Ok, I must go and now I will leave you with an image in which I enjoy.


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