DAY 18.

A picture that makes me feel.

At first I could not think of a picture. But after I started to search my mind I thought of so many.
One that stands out in my mind and many other’s is the Napalm Girl.

On June 8, 1972, South Vietnamese planes, in coordination with the American military, dropped a napalm bomb on Trang Bang.
The picture shows a young girl running down the road with the most horrific screams only imaginable coming from her tiny lungs.
The photographer was interviewed by the BBC and stated:
And she wanted something to drink. I got her some water. She drank it and I told her I would help her.

I picked up Kim and took her to my car. I ran up about 10 miles to Cu Chi hospital, to try to save her life.’
Luckily she survived and is now living in Canada and has since had two children.

The picture is so moving and is the exact fear and reality of war, so many innocent lives ruined by political bullshit.
Not only is the image so grossly disturbing it is also highlights the pain that so many others experienced who did not have a voice or did not survive the war.
Fortunatly Kim Phuc survived when so many others did not.

Another photo that really makes me feel is the photos from the Holocaust but I feel that they are too graphic for thehangingsun.
But if you have ever googled anything along those lines I’m sure you know what I mean.

It’s barbaric that these events did not occur long ago.
Images say what words cannot.


One Response to “DAY 18.”

  1. if you think this is a powerful image, it’s not even the entire image. to the right of the original image, you see soldiers casually walking – one even reloading his rifle.
    the reason this image is so well known – as opposed to the original – is because this is more moving; the general public don’t want to see soldiers so blaze` and reloading, they want to see what real damage the war is doing.
    i’m not sure if you knew that or not about the image, we learned about it at uni in one of our theory classes.

    – Lawra.

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