DAY 15.

A moment, phrase, or song that has changed your life the most.

No particular song or phrase has changed my life to be honest, maybe more ‘fit’ into my life. But nothing has ‘changed’ it.

There are a few that appeal to my life inparticular though.
Last Light by Converge –
‘Keep breathing
Keep living
Keep searching
Keep pushing on
Keep bleeding
Keep healing
Keep fading
Keep shining on’

Echoes – Set Your Goals
A song that I’ve previously mentioned means quite alot to me.
‘Breathe in, take in it deep (And I will keep, pieces of you alive in me)
Cross your heart, it’s yours for you to keep (Your spirit carries on.)
Wishful? I guess I never was (And I will keep, pieces of you alive in me)
I am looking up now, death can change us (Your spirit carries on.)’

A Certain Death – Misery Signals
As with ‘Echoes’ I have also previously mentioned the importance of this song in my life, so powerful and moving.
‘Raise your eyes from sleep’

Anchor – Misery Signals
Another Misery Signals song, they are amazing, why would I not love them. This song is reflective of when I’ve gone through hard times especially over the last few years and my parents really were my anchor and I couldn’t have done it without them.
‘My attempts have failed
You were my anchor


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