DAY 12

A life story of a favorite music artist.
I would have to say none of my favorites have really lived anything exciting or out-of-the-ordinary life that I know of.
The only person who really springs to mind is Jacob Bannon. Mostly because of his contribution to the arts and music scene.

‘Bannon attended college at The Art Institute of Boston, earning a Bachelors In Fine Arts for design in 1998, and subsequently taught the subject on a college level for a few years. After working a variety of freelance design jobs around Boston, he began working as a freelance artist and designer.

He is vegetarian and straight edge. From 2005–2008, he has been nominated for the title of “World’s Sexiest Vegetarian” by Peta2. He is concerned with the greyhound-racing industry, and is a dog owner, having owned a rescued greyhound among others.

Bannon is also a mixed martial arts fan, and accordingly Deathwish Inc. has sponsored some MMA fighters.

Bannon is known for his extensive tattoos. He received his first tattoo at the age of 15, which has subsequently been covered by other tattoos. He has been tattooed by Darren Brass, among many other artists.

In early 2001, he founded the Deathwish Inc. record label with his best friend Tre McCarthy.

Bannon has been active in the hardcore punk music scene since 1990, when at the age of 14 he co-founded Converge. He has been in two musical sideprojects, Supermachiner and Irons, released solo material, and contributed guest vocals to numerous other hardcore bands.’

Here is an excerpt from his biography on his website:

When I was young, I stumbled upon some paintings my father had painted. The day I found those is likely when my imagination started to race on its own. When I was 11-12 became obsessed with the vibrant artwork of the skateboard, bmx, and metal music cultures…

I don’t consider myself a traditional musician/artist/writer. I see those definitions as a bit limiting. “Life” artist makes the most sense to me, as I see all of my creative outlets to be linked together, coming from the same place internally…

I began writing around the same time I became interested in visual art.
My only public writing is in the form of lyrical content on the albums I’ve been a part of. I have a great deal of prose written that has never been published. Perhaps one day.’


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