Once again, I missed a day.
But that’s cause I was busy 🙂


1. I want there to be no discrimination of ANY sort. Job wise, appearance wise, race and religion wise. I hate to see people being racist and people being put down for their colour or culture. Not only is that a part of who they are, they are human too and are no different to any of us. I want their to be no discrimination against people with body modification in the workplace and in society in general. Being told your adornments are ‘disgusting’ is insulting as it is an important part to most people who choose to have modifications. Not only this but it disturbs me that people are contasntly looked at funnily because they are dressed a certain way or because they are of a particular religion and choose to wear clothing and jewellery that reflects that. Recently Muslim women who to wear the Burqa or Hijab  have faced controversy all over the world with taunts and inacurate discriptions which should also be abolished. People should also not be looked down upon as to the gender of the partners in which they choose and their should also be Same-Sex marriage.

2. I want there to be no animal cruelty excluding killing for meat. Caging animals for circus’ and ‘fun’ and exhibitions is just disgusting. Along with taunting and killing animals for fun. This includes hunting. Zoo’s should have bigger and better facilities for animals and should be in an envirionment more acurate to their own in thw wild. I feel the same for Aquariums. People think fish don’t really ‘matter’, they do. They are still animals and still need proper environments to live in.

3. Seeing less ignorant and ill-knowledged people would also be fantastic. People are so close-minded and often spout the most incorrect ‘bullshit’. Alot of people are so vain and just believe anything they are told. So many cults and brain-washing groups end up in disaster and in horrible situations because people will believe the lies that are preached to them. A prominant example of this is the Jonestown Massacre where 900 people ended their lives because they were either forced to or told to for the greater good. Misery Signals say it well when they say ‘raise your eyes from sleep…’

4. I’d like to see no child abuse in any shape or form. I’ve known of a child molester in my own community and it sickens me beyond words! It ruins lives and is ultimately disgusting and takes away the innocence of a child who is defenceless. Child labour is also a large problem in many developing countries. These children earn very little for the work that they put in, they are also beaten and treated poorly if they do not work. They also live in horrible conditions and have little choice as to their own future. Child exploitation is also something that should be changed. A woman recently forced her child to conduct sexual favours so that they could get money for petrol which is a complete outrage.

5. I’d like to see alot more happiness, joy and content people. So many people are struggling, life isn’t supposed to be easy but it’s sad to see so many depressed people and people who arn’t happy with their lives.


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