Ning Nang Nong

I just went to join a Facebook group. It was called ‘Join If Your Against Animal Cruelty’ I then stopped myself. I eat meat. Meat is animals. Killing animals is cruel…

I therefore cannot add this group.



3 Responses to “Ning Nang Nong”

  1. i understand the contradiction in which you are wanting to discuss.
    i’m sure the militant vegans/vegetarians might protest meat-eaters as not being able to join the group.
    however, even though i am a meat-eater, i would join the group because i find it disgusting and sad when people torture animals for no reason.
    (like we seem to reading and seeing in the news A LOT lately!!)

    animals bred for eating are exactly for that purpose. and although it IS horrible that they are killed for food, a lot of places kill them in a humane way, so it’s as painless and short as possible.
    we need meat to survive. i’ve read the propaganda that is printed from vegan societies and i laughed hard. it’s full of lies and incorrect truth; conveniently leaving out things that would contradict what they’re about.

    but yeah, i think you should join the group because although you eat meat, i’m sure you disagree with animals being tortured by today’s crazed youth/adults 🙂

    – lawra.

  2. is it cruel for the lion to hunt the wildebeast? for a vulture to pick clean the carcass of said wildebeast? being the dominant species on the planent, should we rise above our basest natures to become more than just animals, or are we, deep down, no more beast than these creatures of the wild.

    i, myself, do not know the answers. it is something we each must find within ourselves.

  3. markgravina Says:

    ** no less beast. oops haha

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