Never Lose My Youth

An essay: Body Modification In The Workplace.

How one looks or appears does not reflect on one’s skills or academic achievements. Qualifications speak for themselves; you are not under qualified because you have visible body modification. As an employer it is illegal to fail to hire someone based on their appearance, it is discrimination, just as it is to not employ a person because they are of a particular race or culture. The same can be said for women who get plastic surgery. It is a type of body modification after all. How many empolyer’s would reject a woman for having a large ‘fake’ modified bust?

Often people are considered to be ‘rough’ or a ‘thug’ if they are adorned with tattoos or piercing’s, when this is not the case at all. Most of these people are kind, considerate and also creative. They are also mostly considerate to the environment with a lot of the community being vegan or vegetarian. People who adorn themselves in this way are often said to be ‘unclean’ but in fact alot of hygine and cleanliness goes into having any body modification of any sort. Which I will ellaborate on in a moment and to why.

We are constantly telling our children and teenagers to not judge a book by its cover and this is a huge example of that contradiction. Not only is being shallow and judgmental a negative trait it is seen all over workplaces and should not reflect on a person’s convictions nor integrity or professional manner. An employee’s skills are also not reverberated by their appearances or body modifications for that matter.

We are supposed to be a society of free will, free speech and self-liberation. By putting restrictions on what people wear in the work place is restricting who people are. You are legally allowed to adorn yourself in jewelry and body modifications in the work place and also education institutes if you are part of a particular religion.

The Church Of Body Modification is a church organization in which people who has had some sort of spiritual enlightenment or experience due to body modification. As a member has stated “it’s an interfaith church whose members practice an arrangement of ancient body modification rites, which, they believe, are essential to their spirituality”.

In which technically can and has been used as a defense to having body modifications in the workplace. Countries around the world have compensated people  thousands of dollars for being dismissed unfairly due to body modification in relation to their religion. So why are people being dismissed due to their body modifications if they legally can wear them in a work place on grounds that it is vital to their spirituality?

With religious aspects aside an increasing amount of people are joining the culture of body art. A recent survey was conducted among University students in America. It found that 23% had one to three tattoos and 51% has a piercing or other form of body modifications. These University students are about to enter the professional workforce and a flourish of employers will be forced to make the hard decision whether to hire someone due to their body modifications.

Society in general could be jeopardized if we do not start to accept these people into the working world. We will begin to see fewer doctors, less nurses and less emergency personnel if these up-and-coming students are denied. A large proportion of the ‘Body Mod’ community are already trained in medical procedures as a lot of precautions and hygiene goes into body art and modification of any sort. This high level of hygiene and sterilisation is due to pathogens which can be transfered human to human, infections and because in general you are harming the body.  These people are also trained in CPR and general medical skills. Alot of these practioners begin working in plastic surgery and also opperating theatres. These skills will just go to waste which is why we need to be more tolerant of all sorts of people especially those involved in the body modification culture.

As I stated when I first commenced my presentation, body modifications should not impact our job prospects and opportunities. This is due to our need for medical staff and community services and it would be a waste as these people have the capabilities and training, this is also because it is illegal for an employer to interfere with someone’s spirituality and finally because society teaches us to not become shallow and judge a book by its cover.


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