And I Say

I was thinking last night, what could I do to make my blog a little better, so I decided to interveiw a few people! Here are a few of them!

I met Caitlyn through my loverly boyfriend, James. Caitlyn is his younger sister and she’s a pretty awesome young lass.

Firstly, how are you Caitlyn ?
I’m okay, I guess, i feel pretty crappy.
Have you ever read my blog? (it’s ok if you haven’t)
Yeah I read it all the time haha.
If applicable, what was your first tattoo and how old were you? If not do you have any planned in the future?
I don’t have any, but i want four, when I am old enough.
What would they be?
Owl’s on my feet, sparrow flying upwards with a banner and lyrics on my leg. And a big bird cage, with the door open and a tree inside with birds on the branches with their wings open and family intials on my back
If you could have an extra body part, what would it be?
HAHAHAHAHAHA really, how weird… umm,  I wouldn’t lol. Maybe a dick hahahahahahaha. Nah I dunno.
If you could fill a swimming pool with anything what would it be?
Clone’s of Edward Furlong, but what he looked like in “Detroit Rock City” omggggggggg *DROOLLLLZ*.
What is the most important part of a Subway sandwich?
Are you doing anything with your Mum on Mother’s day?
Probably go out for lunch but I don’t know.
If you could be a fictional creature for a day, what would it be? (zombie, warewolf, ewok, pixie etc)
Whats an ewok? BAHAHAHAHAHA!
An ewok is those cute little creatures off star wars!
Lol um a zombie! Haha.
What is your idea of a good night out?
Um, drinking, with people I love being around, probz going out to a club or something, seeing a band etc.
Do you have a question for me?
Hows stuff with James?


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