Yup, I missed a day… I’ve been sick so yeah, I think I’m excused 🙂
Day 3’s post is to list 5 song’s I’d take on a derserted island and why.

Echoes – Set Your Goals.

When I discovered the song it was around about the same time m Nanna passed away. It’s such a passionate song and really reflects what I was going through. It’s prob a favorite to sing along too especially before I get tattooed and they really moved me when they played it  at the Hifi in Feb.

A Certain Death – Misery Signals

When I first listened to the album in which A Certain Death came from (Controller) I was blown away! The whole album is fantastic! It was more powerful than previous efforts and it was very driving.

When I listened to A Certain Death really listening to all the lyrics. I listened to it about 8 times over and over. To my surprise it was my sort of song, all about non-religion and having your own choices.

It also states in the song that if you search forthe answers they will never be answered, ‘keep searching, the answers will never come..’, which is something I agree with. I spoke to Karl (vocalist) when I saw them at the Arthouse in 2009 and I spoke to him about the meaning and forces behind the song, and he simply said to me ‘do you believe in God?’ and I said ‘no’ and he then said ‘well you should love this song then…’

Heartless – A Day To Remember

Appart from the fact the song is well put together the last little part at the end is fantastic. It says so much about things I’ve been through. It’s also a pretty funny.

“And I’ll close my eyes, and I’ll dream of a better time
when I’ll finally be past this and I’ll be happy on my own.
I’ve done all I can, still the one to been cast aside.
All I ever wanted to be was be the one who’d wipe those tears from your eyes.
But I guess I’ll play second best, to a world that will never care about you.
You’ll never understand you’re just another pretty face
You tell me that you care, and then you run straight back to him.
I can hear your voice of treason from a mile away.
You never did know how to whisper.(whisper, whisPER!)
You’re such a liar. Tell me the truth.
You’re such a liar. Tell me the truth.
You fuckin’ liar. Tell me the truth.
Do the world a favor stop cutting your arms, and slit your throat.”


Song For The Broken – Close Your Eyes

I’m really obsessed with this band at the moment. They are a really fantastic up-and-coming band. The vocalist also is vocally trained which is a plus and I enjoy his vocals. They are a Christian band and their lyrics do reflect that but they are AWESOME!! In saying that their lyrics are fairly religious the lyrics are also well written and powerful.

Casey’s Song – City And Colour

I love this song so much. I could listen to it on repeat for eternity. I’ve got no idea what the song is about, it’s just loverly! Dallas Green, your such a heart breaker but you have a magical voice that does crazy things to girls around the world.


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