Take A Breathe

On Saturday afternoon James and I ventured to Ascot Vale once again to get my back piece finished.

I can tell you, I’m so impressed with the finished product! Mum was so happy with it that she was like ‘David quick, come look!’ She seemed very happy, so did Dad. And everyone else that has seen it. Especially Sophie’s Mum and her Mum’s friends…
She was telling everyone to find me and have a look, it was rather humourous.

My session was really good and quick. It was my best session so far and most certainly the funnest! Yes it was fun!

Heath has a new rotary tattoo machine and it is AMAZING!
I know sh*t all about tattooing and tattoo machines but this is just brilliant. It was so quiet and loverly. It wasn’t painfull at all, it actually felt like a little massage and at some point’s ticklish. I think for alot of first-timer’s it would be a good tattoo machine. It’s not as intimadating as the louder coil machines.

So anyway. After I was finished James got a little rose on his hand for his sister, and it was such a quick session. (We were there for awhile but mostly it wasn’t tattooing, just gass-bagging and what-not.)

It was nice to see James getting tattooed for a change.
We then drove to his Mum’s and we drove around for about and hour because he was trying to avoid going home before his she went out so that she didn’t see his new tattoo. It’s hailarious because he’s almost 26 and he was hiding from his Mum. Oh I laughed so hard all the way home.

We then went to Sophie’s house-warming which was so much fun! It turn’s out her Mum’s best friend is one of my Mum’s friends. Which is pretty funny! I couldn’t beleive it!

Reece was smashed as usual, he was rather fun. And I met Claire’s new boyfriend. Such a great night.

James and I also bought Sophie’s dog, Zara (who is BOOFUL!) ((and a HUGE great dane)) some treats and a toy.

This dog is so amazing, I probably would steal it, I’m not even joking. She came and woke us up in the morning.

Such a good weekend!


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