I’m All Out Of Bubblegum

Today myself and James went with his sis (Caitlyn) to get her nose pierced. We weren’t all able to go in with her so we just waited outside in the shop.

She was taking a really long time.

We were both so sure she passed out because she hadn’t eaten anything or had freaked out or something.

And after maybe 20mins she came out looking very pale and green.

And I was like ‘you ok Caitlyn!?’

And she replied in laughter, ‘I boffed!!! Haha.’

It was quite comical, but the poor thing, I told her to eat before hand but she didn’t really realise that she would need to.

They gave her some coke and water which helped her sugar levels and then she was all sweet.

Hopefully her next piercing goes a little more smoothly.
The tattoo/piercing studio also pierced her nose with a gun, a huge no-no, and the lady who did it said that it was better with a gun. Not to mention they didn’t give her correct jewellery… Gr stupid woman.

I hope it heals ok though, I’m sure she will be fine.
Next time, James and I are making her go to Jimmy at hairhouse, he has horn implants…


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