Ok, so I saw a dietician on Saturday for my stomach problems. Without a doubt I have ‘frutose malabsorbtion’ and I have a diet I now have to follow. It basically consists of no wheat, onion, garlic and certain fruits and vegetables, in saying that, there is alot I can have.

I’v ehad a few stomach pains and upsets but generally I’m ok. I feel like I’m loosing weight rather than putting it on, which was also one of the aims of the diet. Mot putting on weight is getting me down, I feel like I’m not eating enough. It’s weird to have to think abotu what oyu eat before you eat it.

Mum did buy me special wheat free Mac and Cheese. It was a massive surving and I ate it all. Om Nom NOM! It was great.

I also got my RSA last night, it was fairly cruisy and easy. Like most people say ‘you get given the answers’. We had some good laughs too with a great teacher.

I finally plucked up the courage to tell Mum and Dad that I wanted a new tattoo. They recieved it better than I thought, but in saying that they advised caution about the money side of things. Mum seemed to like the design, she thought it was very pretty.

Mel is also apprently coming down this weekend. Which is a shock, but I’m excited. I tried to call her but she didn’t pick up. But omg excited!!!!


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