I Think Your Cute

Happy Birthday to Me for the 17th of January.
Over the weekend I worked, cancelled my party and partied at Marks.
Thank you so much to everyone that came to see me, bought me presents (co-co-nut!) and wished me a great birthday!

We had moustaches, a silly string fight, drank coconut juice (which was actually horrible) and ate half of the coconut flesh (nommy) at a chicken and drank copeious amounts of alcohol. And we also watched Jurassic Park today which was fun. Silly silly people trying to run away from dinosaurs. What did they expect would happen!? And why does the black guy always die at the start of movies?! How rasict.

I also got a cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday which was really a blush-worthy moment.
I really DO have a fantastic boyfriend and amazing friends.
Thanks everyone once again 😀


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