Herb Dean

Merry Christmas everyone.
Yes I was a little late on the cheers but couldn’t be helped.

Christmas Eve, we went to Jess’ for a gathering/presents opening and also enjoyed some good family company.
I also learnt some more German from my Ome!

‘Ich liebe dich’ – I love you
‘Pussle miene nüsse (nussen)’ – Kiss my nuts
‘Du bist nüsse (nussen)’ – You are nuts
‘Sie haben ein kleines Auto’ – You have a small car
‘Kuss mein lippen’ – Kiss my lips

Christmas Day, James and I went to his Aunty’s house in Mornington. It was such a loverly house! We opened presents and had lunch. Yum!

We then came back to my house and had dinner with my parents which was nice.
We then went to Kyle’s in Mornington again which was an awesome night!!
Some good photos were taken too. Whether or not I can get the photos is another story.

On Boxing Day (today) we drove to Lysterfeild Park and had lunch and did a family thing with my family.
It was rather nice.
I’m quite sunburnt at the moment though.

Happy Holidays kids.


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